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Choosing Between the Regular Type and the Leave-In Silicon Mix Conditioner

Choosing Between the Regular Type and the Leave-In Silicon Mix Conditioner

Leave in or rinse out? Applying conditioner on your hair has many benefits. With so many products to choose from, will you settle for the regular kind or for a leave in solution, such as the Silicon Mix conditioner?

A conditioner helps your tresses in many ways:

  • It adds moisture, which makes the hair softer.
  • It gives volume to your tresses, thereby making it easier to style.
  • It protects the hair from damaging factors, such as the sun’s rays, chemicals and changing temperatures.
  • It makes the hair shinier and healthier.

In short, the use of a conditioner prevents you from having a bad hair day. There are two main kinds of conditioners that you can buy these days: the regular type that needs to be rinsed and the leave-in kind, such as the Silicon Mix conditioner.

Regular Conditioner

This is heavier on your tresses than the leave-in kind, but that is okay. You will be rinsing it all off after leaving it on your tresses for a couple of minutes. This is preferred by those who shampoo their hair every day. This makes the hair softer, but if you have problematic tresses or you have natural curls, this may not be enough to make your hair styling easier.

Leave In Conditioner

This product, such as the Silicon Mix conditioner, effectively deals with the frizz and tangles. It promotes health and repair hair damages through continued use. It is enriched with healthy ingredients absorbed by the hair, whether it is wet or dry. This is preferred by those who don’t shampoo their tresses everyday. The product makes styling easier no matter what type of hair and hair problems you have.

The product is easy to use. Simply put a small amount on your palms and begin stroking your hair strands from the middle to end. After several minutes, you can style your hair any way you want. The product will leave your tresses looking good and smelling great. It will boost the moisture of the hair without making it heavy.

The choice is yours. Your hair will benefit from both products, as long as you buy the right kind for your hair type. Follow the instructions carefully on how to apply the conditioner. The maker of the Silicon Mix conditioner has other hair care products that address other concerns. They target damaged and curly hair, but are also useful for those with fine and straight tresses.

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