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Top Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism

Top Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism

Having a slow metabolism is the absolute worst. Quite often, it seems that no matter how hard you try to lose weight, it is just impossible. Thankfully, you can give your metabolism a nice kick up the rear end. The tips on this page will go a long way towards helping you out.

Eat the right amount

The people with the slowest metabolisms tend to be those who are trying to starve themselves in a bid to lose weight. Do not do this. You should be consuming an adequate number of calories each day. If you do not eat enough, your body will ‘store’ energy. You will find it tough to burn off this stored energy because your body simply does not want to get rid of it. It needs it. You don’t have to eat too much, just look at a calorie counter online and work out what is right for your body type.


Eat breakfast. Can’t stress this one enough! If you wish to boost your metabolism, you must eat breakfast. This is your first meal each day. If you do not eat breakfast, then you aren’t giving your body the energy boost that it needs. Without breakfast, once lunch rolls around, not only are you going to eat more, but your body will have entered ‘starvation mode’. This means that you will find it tough to burn off any of the energy that you did consume. I can guarantee that most of the people who do not eat breakfast on a regular basis turn out obese.

Drink Coffee and Tea

There are some people out there who will tell you that coffee and tea are awful for your system. I won’t. They act as a stimulant. Studies have shown that a single cup each day can burn up to an additional 174 calories. So do it! Obviously, go light on the milk and try to have your coffee and tea without sugar. In fact, if you can, try to avoid the milk too!


One German study suggests that those who drink 6 cups of cold water a day have a higher metabolism. This is likely down to the fact that the body needs to work hard to reduce the temperature of the water. It is not that much of a boost, but when you are trying to lose weight, every little helps!


Another researcher suggests that consuming fiber, roughly 25 grams a day (you should get enough of this if you are keeping up with your fruit and vegetable consumption) could help boost your metabolism by as much as 30%!

Of course, working hard to keep a balanced diet is also going to be a very quick path towards shedding the pounds that you want to shed. Put the effort in, and you will start to see results pretty quickly. Those who complain about having a poor metabolism tend to be those who over consume fatty products. Do not let that be you and you should be fine!

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